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L.A.P.T.I. Brand – Meaning

L.A.P.T.I. is the first and only brand in Ukraine at the moment competing with Italians in terms of quality and price. Our footwear has Odessa soul and Italian attention to detail. Excellent taste and high quality is what people noticed at once about L.A.P.T.I. brand. Materials we use to make footwear are popular among such global brands as Maison Martin Margello, Santoni, Valentino and many others. Our uniqueness and positioning as a brand mean creation of Ukrainian footwear of excellent quality affordable for the many. L.A.P.T.I. basis is handpicked materials by the best European manufacturers, Odessa craftsmanship and Odessa soul.

L.A.P.T.I. Footwear Is Created For

This is footwear for those appreciating quality and having impeccable taste for life. For those who love exciting adventures, are ready for discoveries, new knowledge and new impressions.

L.A.P.T.I. Project – Beginnings

L.A.P.T.I. project began with purchase of a pair of espadrilles in Spain. We started thinking whether we should create such stylish footwear in Ukraine. At our first presentation we sold 42 pairs of shoes within one day and then we realized that L.A.P.T.I. was bound to succeed. Most talked-about Ukrainian footwear brand gathered key fashion people at the Ukrainian Fashion Week, sparked interest of Forbes, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Marie Claire, and left a footprint in the American version of Vogue. L.A.P.T.I. brand visited Micam, an international footwear exhibition in Milan, and has already found its first European partners.


We have been on the Ukrainian fashion market for one year and have already become the most successful footwear brand.

  • L.A.P.T.I. has become a resident of all major fashion events in Ukraine.
  • It is represented in the best European showrooms.
  • It has won over the audience at New York, Milan, Paris Fashion Week catwalks.
  • It has released collections in collaboration with the world-famous Ukrainian designers: POUSTOVIT, AnnaK, Ksenia Schnaider, Shushan, Irina Mussatova, WeAnnaBe.
  • It has opened a chain of retail outlets with unique footwear sales pattern.`

L.A.P.T.I. Footwear - Meaning

L.A.P.T.I. is a symbiosis of the best European materials, inspiration of our designers and advanced manufacturing technologies. We bring natural leather and delicate tweed from the world’s luxury capital – Italy, elegant velvet and lace from the refined France, light EVA sole and jute sole for espadrilles from the bright Spain. We gather the best materials from all over Europe to make every item fit for the best people. And we create it here in Odessa.

L.A.P.T.I. Team

We are successful Ukrainian businessmen, who decided to create a new outstanding project in their time free of not the most interesting yet very important things. L.A.P.T.I. team consists of a few like-minded people. I am one of them. My name is Alexander Vernik. I am 31. For now my main business is construction and design. Yes, it is very interesting, but often not much fun. And that’s how I came up with L.A.P.T.I. – as an interesting project for my pleasure and for Ukrainians. Would you like to know more? Join me on

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