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Foam cleaner LAPTI Cleaner

Article: Пена LAPTI Cleaner

Cleaner for all types of leather, textiles, soles.

An effective tool to remove dirt and stains from the surface of shoes, clothes, textiles, soles.

Safely cleans products from smooth leather, nubuck, suede and fabric.

Foam LAPTI Cleaner quickly and easily cleans the surface from contamination, without changing its color and properties. It has a pleasant smell, harmless to the environment, also has a convenient dispenser that allows you to quickly apply the product.

1. Universal and economical - one bottle is enough to process 20 pairs of shoes.

2. Oxygen-based formula. Cleans without changing color and properties of products.

Mode of application:

Shake the bottle before use. Apply foam to the sponge. Holding the bottle upright, apply foam to a clean sponge.

Wipe the surface of the product.


Composition: oxygen-based bleach, South Africa, flavor

Storage conditions: store at a temperature of 5 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Shelf life: 3 years from the production date, which is indicated on the package