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Women's slippers made of glitter Lapti red with an edge from eco-fur

Article: W0000-01/20 glitter red

T.A.P.K.I by L.A.P.T.I

Favorite slippers! Each meeting with them will be full of warmth and tenderness.

The festive mood, anticipating pleasant moments and unexpected surprises, will immediately fill the house with such charming guides. When autumn has already arrived outside the window, cold and wind are raging outside the window. These slippers will always be near, and will give comfort and warmth to their owner. Even lying on the couch, you hardly want to take them off. Decorate your home style with them and your ideal balance of home comfort and style will be found! Feel all the charm of the hugge at home, creating comfort in the cold season with this wonderful couple. 

Lapti warm at home!

LacesWithout laces
For whomWomen's
Size36, 37