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Women's flip-flops made of genuine leather MOZGI х LAPTI black with embroidery "#naStile"

Article: WS7151 MOZGI black naStile

MOZGI Entertainment x L.A.P.T.I.

Unexpected, unprecedented and eloquent. Collection with stylish streets and vibrant neighborhoods.

Meet the most unique collaboration MOZGI Entertainment x L.A.P.T.I.!

When bright musicians and creative designers meet in one company, real fashion hits are born!

Your summer shoes are stylish L.A.P.T.I. slippers with embroidered phrases of Mozgi's favorite songs, Time and Glass and Michelle Andrade.

Do you want to be in style? Wear cool flip flops MOZGI Ent. x L.A.P.T.I.!

We made a classic leather model with a special pair of shoes. Stylish and bright embroidery makes slippers the center of attention, wherever you are :) Notice how cool the handwritten font looks, and famous phrases cheer you up!

Take the slippers MOZGI Ent. x L.A.P.T.I. and be in style with the country's top celebrities;)

ModelFlip flops
LacesWithout laces
Outsole materialEva
CollectionsMozgi ent.
For whomWomen's
WidthStandard completeness