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Комбинированные темно-синие слипоны на резинке (M)

Article: MA5450 monotwins-caruso dark blue

L.A.P.T.I. x Anna K PrimaMaria

L.A.P.T.I. x Anna K Prima Maria slip-on shoes cast a spell taking you to the amazing world of paintings by the Ukrainian artist Maria Primachenko.
Magic world ruled by fantastic beasts. The world of goodness, where everyone adheres to the single law – love. This is a magic forest, inhabited by mythical creatures that will take you into a kind fairy-tale…but be careful. Brown beast loves fun, friends and active games. It seems is has left you far behind, catch up!
Brown beast painting was created in 1936 and displayed a year later at the 1stInternational Exhibition in Paris.
Ukrainian flair, love of nature  and commitment to the world peace is a key message  and inspiration of amazing  paintings.

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