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Комбинированные синие слипоны на резинке (W)

Article: WA5450 astar-monotwins jeans

This collection is a classic summer Spanish footwear design. It will fill your day with comfort in its brightest form. 
Made of the best quality material, Classico espadrilles will become your favourite pair of shoes. What colour and material shall you choose for today? Know this: L.A.P.T.I. will give you that very feeling of freedom. 
You can be yourself. Put out on your yacht to the Black Sea, sit in a noisy trattoria on the Mediterranean coast, dance all night long in Ibiza (in Odessa or Spain) or just have fun with your friends. Classico espadrilles will be the most comfortable shoes you could imagine. And they are simply pretty. 
Create bright summer memories wearing espadrilles from Classico collection. 

It’s not about fashion. It’s about real you.