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Warranty Terms

Warranty period - 30 days after purchase. In case of any defects found within the above period, the manufacturer (seller) shall act as per Art. 8 of the Law of Ukraine “Consumer Protection”. Upon expiry of the warranty period (30 days) requests concerning defects are not accepted. Footwear warranty period shall commence on the sales date or beginning of the season:

Winter season – from November 15 to March 15;
Summer season – from May 15 to September 15;
Autumn/spring season – from September 15 to November 15; from March 15 to May 15.

In case of any defects found within the above period, the manufacturer (seller) shall act as per Section 1, Art. 8 of the Law of Ukraine “Consumer Protection”.



  • DSTU 2157 “Footwear. Terminology and Definitions”;
  • DSTU 2158 “Footwear. Defects. Terminology and Definitions”;
  • GOST 26167:2009 “Casual Footwear. Technical Specifications”;
  • GOST 19116:2007 “Designer Footwear. Technical Specifications”;
  • GOST 26165:2009 “Children’s Footwear. Technical Specifications”;
  • DSTU 2063 “Footwear for Active Leisure. Technical Specifications”;
  • GOST 1135:2007 “Indoor and Outdoor Footwear. Technical Specifications”.


The following footwear shall not be exchanged or repaired for free:






  • having defects resulting from use in undue conditions;
  • having mechanical damage (burns, cuts, scratches, etc.)
  • deformation due to incorrect wearing or drying;
  • damage caused by chemicals and other defects that occurred through the buyer’s fault;
  • repaired by the buyer before being handed over to the store (other than replaced heel tips, steel toe caps, stick-on soles, if such repair was not a cause of defects).

Warranty does not apply to replaceable parts (insoles, laces, heel tips, fasteners, buckles, decorative elements, ornaments, accessories, etc.).
By purchasing goods in our store you consent to recommendations for care and use of footwear, as well as warranty period.

Footwear Recommendations.

How to Select Fitting Footwear:




  • your shoes after every wearing.
  • Remove dust and mud from your shoes on a daily basis, dry your shoes at room temperature without using any heating appliances or heat sources, away from direct sunlight, insert inner shoe trees to keep the shape of your shoes.
  • Do not wash or rub your shoes intensely, because shoes may lose their original look.
  • Do not wash your shoes in a washing machine, do not use bleach.
  • Put on shoes using a shoe horn to prevent seam rupture and to keep the shape of the shoes.
  • Do not tighten laces on ankles too much to prevent rupture of leather and fastener.
  • Do not take your shoes off by stepping on the heel counter. It will prevent sole from tearing off.
  • Be careful with decorative accessories on your shoes.
  • Do not wear shoes with natural leather sole, leather-covered heel, with the top made of textile, suede or velour, as well as shoes of lockstitch thread-sewn construction method in rainy weather.
  • If such shoes get wet it is not a ground for lodging a complaint.
  • Water tightness warranty is provided for rubber footwear and footwear with waterproof membranes only.
  • Do not walk in high heel or pencil heel shoes on gravel or chippings. You may damage your shoes or injure your legs. Designer shoes are made for wearing on an even hard surface.
  • If you wear shoes in snowy weather, salt and other chemicals used by public utility service for removing snow and causing it to melt may accumulate on shoe surface. Stains appearing on shoes as a result shall not be a ground for lodging a complaint with the manufacturer.

Quality warranty for footwear is provided for its entire service life as specified in the Ukrainian laws, regulations and standards, subject to compliance with the above procedure.